hi Vlad, hi Roman,

I own Mac, but SimVim Panel is only for Linux / Windows / Raspberry Pi.

When will it also come for OSX systems?

Thank you

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Hi Simone,

When we release the new SimVimPanel version, it's possible we'll be able to make a version for Mac, too. There is no timeframe yet.

This sound really good. Any window on time, 3 months, 6 months, more? Just to organice my system, if it is worthy to wait or I rather abandon my idea of work on iOS.

Many thanks in advance
What about Linux? You can use any old computer (or laptop, even with old Win XP) that you can find in junk yard or second-hand and load the Linux system with USB flash drive.
What panels are you planning to use? What is your idea to use ios?
But, Can I flight in my iMAC and control that in a side computer? I'm from the VHS generation, so sorry if this sound silly to you, my apologies. I have Saitek radio and light panel, planning to use the GPS
Note that SimVimPanel runs on a separate computer, connected by LAN with the one running X-Plane. What system each computer uses doesn't matter (you can run X-Plane on your Mac, and run SimVimPanel on some old computer with Linux or Windows, for example).

It's possible that a beta of the new version will be released this month.