Hi, according to the instructions, pin D13 should be available for direct PWM (http://simvim.com/svc_pwm.html), but the configurator doesn't allow to assign that pin (up to D12 only).

Is it a configurator issue or is D13 actually not usable?


Jun 17, 2019 in PWM control, Coil gauges by

2 Answers

Hi Giorgio,

I have tested with the version v0.9.40.
The assignment to "D13" works great.


Jun 17, 2019 by
Thanks, you're right; I tested it earlier yesterday and it didn't work. Now it does.
If you are talking about direct PWM, not the PWM driver, you can select all pins that are available for PWM in the atmega2560 controller (#2 - 13   and #44 - 46), and configurator allows all of them.

For the driver board you can use only pins #30-37.

Jun 25, 2019 by