Im currently having hard times getting my X27 stepper to run accurately. When I try to calibrate them in SimVim, nevertheless I Press Left or Right button, the servo always moves in the same direction. I guess this could be a Wiring issue, but have not found the right spot yet. Maybe you could give me some hint :)


P.S.: I´m using an Elegoo Uno R3 as stepper board
Jun 18, 2019 in Stepper Motors by

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Hi Diego,

check the "D" wire to Uno3 Pin #13. http://simvim.com/output/diag_6606.png

Please note the black wire on the VID6606...chip.

Jun 18, 2019 by
Thanks Frank. I checked that already, and it is OK... some other ideas?

P.S.: the second strange thing is, that the VID6606 chip is getting very hot... Can the Arduino and the chip (PIN1 and 15) be powerd by the same 5V source?
Hello Diego,

I have Stepper, Servos and LED`s  on separate power source with 5V / 5A and no problems with heat.
I have the Elegoo Uno3
swapped for an original Arduino Uno. I always had problems with it.
You can take a photo of your wiring?

Hi Frank,

I didn´t understand... you had problems with the Elegoo or with the Arduino? I´ll send you some photos as soon as I can. Thank you for your help
Hi Diego,

i had always problems with Elegoo.
Hi Frank,

You were correct!

I changed the Elegoo board to a original Arduino board, and this solved my issue with the stepper motors! (After that I changed the master board also for prevention purposes)

Thank you for your help!