i want to use a 3 digit 7seg display (DM13A drivers) to show the selected ILS course of the FF 757. There is no custom dataref for this display, so i tried different standard parameters.

The simvim parameter VOR_Nav2_Card seems to be the parameter i have to use for this display, but it's inverted. If i dial in an ILS course of e.g. 319, the display shows 913.

It works fine with other parameters like HSI_Course.
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ILS - you mean you need to display HSI course?
So, you need to used HS_Course,  or HSI2_Course.  Why Vor_Nav2 ?

It's inverted because it supposed to be used as "rotating Card" on stepper motor which  rotates in opposite direction in the VOR indicator. I didn't think someone will use it for 7-segment, if so, we can add backward inversion for displays next time.


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Thank you for your quick answer!

The 757 and 767 have a seperate ILS panel on the center pedestal, where you dial in the ILS frequency and course.

Using the HSI_Course parameter displays the value of the VOR course selector on the left side of the MCP.

The only parameter that shows ILS course, even if it's inverted, is VOR_Nav2_Card.

It would be great if you could add the mentioned backward inversion.

Thanks for your efforts.

Yes, I'm aware about ILS panel. And you need HSI course.
It seems in your case the ILS is tuned to the Nav2 frequency, not Nav1.

I suppose if you will use Nav1 for ILS tuning, the  HSI_Course will work.

Also, you can use the "HSI_Nav_Source"  parameter to switch HSI ILS source between Nav1/Nav2  (set to nav2 in your case if you need it)