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How to connect a 16 x 2 direct LCD to the Arduino Mega.

In the diagram shown the connection is made to an expansion card and the pin "D" that goes on the RS of the LCD, I do not know

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Connect it exactly as on diagrams - directly to the address bus lines (4 wires) and to signal (pin) and data (D pin).
Why do you think this is some "expansion"?

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My only project is the button panel of c172!
I also had problems getting the LCD panel working.  I tried several different pins and would never get anything to display.  I finally tried one of the 'analog' pins (A8) and it started working for me.  Make sure you have everything wired up correctly and it SHOULD work.

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I'll try that pine! Are you connecting directly to mega 2560 or using multiplex?

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It's absolutely no difference what pin number to use for signal wire ("LCD control pin") !

And, you cannot use multiplexer for LCD!

Take care about correct power supply  and reliable wiring.

finally worked!

I also only managed using the pin (A8).

thank you very much!