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I‘m using a LCD-Display to display the transponder settings. How can I switch between Flight-Id and Code? I found the button in the configurator and both commands to display Flight-Id and Code. However I don‘t know how to configure.

The next question is to change the VFR squak from 1200 to 7000, because I‘m flying in Europe.

V/R Marc
Jul 7, 2019 in Configurator by

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The "XPDR_Sq_Flt" parameter is used to switch between Sq/ID

If original transponder type supports the VFR code change (edit and save) it will be implemented directly into specific device logic.

For you, now you need to add fixed VFR code as you need, in the  [Start]  section:
XPDR_Code_VFR  v=7000


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thank you for the hint with the [Start] section.

The only problem I still have is the following:
Pressing the VFR button the first time I get a random code , 7000 shows up on the second push.

V/R Marc