What we are working on now:

  1. New Test panel

    The "generic" SimVim test panel is ready, wired, and we can test different configurations, resolve problems and make video guides.

    Testing 7-segment displays and LCD to figure out all possible powering and data corruption issues, that are some guys facing.

  2. SimVimPanel rework

    Roman is currently working on rewriting SimVimPanel, which was previously programmed in Python/Kivy, with C++. The program is being optimized along the way, and some parts of it remade from scratch.

    This will allow for better performance, better compatibility with different hardware, while making further development of the program easier for us.

  3. Conversion and image-maps for custom planes.

    Aerobask DA62 - conversion embedded, need to be finished and the image-map added to the configurator.
    X-Crafts - Embraer 175.
    Hotstart - TBM
    AirfoilLabs ... ....
    Carenado .... ....

    Please send me custom commands tables for any popular planes if you have them.

  4. Parameter database

    - Make "brightness channels" correlated with the BRT_... names existing for input controls.
    - Add output parameters for instrument with different units (kgs, pounds, gals, etc).
    - Configurator: Add "7-segment Test" button
    - Add parameters for "Reality XP" and "Reality Expansion Pack"
    - Done: Electric Trim custom function - DC motor output now is working in AP On mode. (in upcoming v 0.9.39)
    - ...

    - The encoder acceleration algorithm is changed and improved (in v 0.9.39)
    - Remap few encoder controlled parameters for some pointer instruments from commands to datarefs.
    This will make all needles and cards rotate more smoothly in XP11 when acceleration function is applied (because when multiple commands are sent to XP11 in one frame not all of them are executed and it's hard to get consistent rotation, not like it was in XP10)

  5. SimVim Panel modules

    - Baron58 - Make "Instrument Air" Gauge
    - B200 Right/Left - make DME, finish EFIS84 functionality (No LOC/VOR menu displayed, etc.)
    - ...

  6. Done

    • Adding the "timed" blinking option for any LED ( done - in v 0.9.38)

      For any assigned LED annunciator or LCD text annunciator you will be able to set the number of blinks before "steady ON" state.

      This feature also will work not only for On/Off type annunciators, but for "range warning" lights too.

      Key-matrix inputs fix ( done - in v 0.9.38)

      When Key matrix is assigned, its inputs are messed with some of master board inputs.