What we are working on now:

  1. Online converters for custom planes

    The category in the community created for users to discuss and collaborate on custom data conversion for those paid aircraft models that have their own commands / datarefs, and for which not all SimVim parameters work by default..

  2. Image-map for the configurator

    More image-maps are going to be added, working on it...

  3. SimVim functions for all Radio devices.

    We are working on custom SimVim functions for all RADIO equipment (Com/Nav, DME, ADF, XPDR), please be patient and watch when new updates has appeared for plugin or database.

  4. SimVim firmware for more additional, "slave" boards

    We intend to make SimVim more "modular" separating it to several boards with firmwares designed to specific set of output devices. All these board will be connected to 2-wire interface, that can be laid across all your cockpit

    Along with "SimVimLCD" firmware the same slave Uno/Nano board with "SimVimLED" firmware is planned to be added for connecting up to 15 different 7-segment displays (maybe LED drivers too).

    Special slave Nano board for all "hardware" Power control (and maybe brightness) outputs

  5. Raspberry-Pi version of SimVimCockpit Interface (planned)

    Keeping a large number of inputs / outputs, and use minimum soldering but adding more performance and combine the SimVim Panel with input/output controls. The input multiplexers connected to one Rpi board, slave controller boards (SimVim LCD, Stepper, etc), other extensions...


  • New SimVim Lighting control function

    The new functions allow to control the brightness of different displays independently of specific brightness datarefs used in different aircraft models, making brightness control more universal.

  • SimVimPanel reworked (it was previously programmed in Python/Kivy) to C++. The program is being optimized along the way, and some parts of it remade from scratch.

    Also, all instruments arereworked for high resolution to be used on any monitors.

    This will allow for better performance, better compatibility with different hardware, while making further development of the program easier for us.

  • The encoder acceleration algorithm is changed and improved (in v 0.9.39)
  • Electric Trim custom function - DC motor output now is working in AP On mode. (in v 0.9.39)
  • "Reality Expansion Pack" (REP) is now supported
  • Added the "timed" blinking option for any LED ( in v 0.9.38). For any assigned LED annunciator or LCD text annunciator you will be able to set the number of blinks before "steady ON" state.

    This feature also will work not only for On/Off type annunciators, but for "range warning" lights too.

  • Key-matrix inputs fixed ( in v 0.9.38) - When Key matrix was assigned, its inputs are messed with some of master board inputs.

Planned (just considering)

  • MUX-free multi-board version of SimVimCockpit Interface (concidered!)

    A "parallel" version of SimVimCockpit with architecture that consists only of Arduino boards, of different types, connected in a chain with a two-wire connection to the main board (which, probably, can also be an Uno board).

  • SimVim ESP32 (postponed!)

    - Porting the SimVimCockpit on the ESP32 (Espressif), high performance, but very cheap platform
    - ...