SimVim interfaces history

These projects are no longer supported, all their functionality having been displaced by SimVimCockpit.

ArdSimX Interface     (since 2017 to v. 1.33 in July 2018)    >>

  • Configure buttons, switches, encoders, analog axes, rotary switches, LEDs, 7-segment displays, few stepper motors and PWM-gauges without any Arduino programming using online configurator (optionally, you can utilize button matrix, encoderextension port )

ArdSim Interface     (v.1.2 late 2015 to v. 5.4 in 2017)      >>

The predecessor to ArdSimX. Main differences:

  • ArdSim library has a set of functions that you have to use in Arduino code to setup input controls and assign specific action (switch, encoder, LED etc.) for any Arduino pin. .
  • Arduino programming (via use of ArdSim library functions) is required along with the config file creation. Need to familiarize yourself with library functions and X-Plane dataefs/commands

ARDref Library and Plugin     (to July, 2015)      >>

  • The "transitional" library. Only worked with Ethernet, used several slave boards
  • Focused on using a plugin with config files instead of Arduino programming.
  • Many of its ideas, such as plugin transmitting initial configuration to Arduino, have been reused later for SimVImCockpit.

XPData Library for X-Plane data Input/Output     (2014 to 2015)      >>

  • First Arduino library created, used built-in X-Plane UDP communication protocol to send input data to X-Plane.
  • Had 2 different methods of receiving output data from X-Plane - one using X-Plane UDP protocol, and the other getting data from the early versions of ARDref plugin.

Baron 58 "stand-alone" code developments,     (UDP tests, 2011-2012)      >>

  • The first test code to analize UDP packets from X-Plane, receive UDP packets from X-Plane and send commands to X-Plane.       >>>
  • Early programs for Baron 58 Panel (June 2012). Testing data receiving using X-Plane UDP DATA method only.      >>>
  • Testing of data input-output methods, Arduino code development for encoders, analog inputs, program speed optimisation etc.

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