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As a small "father & son" team, we was started this project from scratch as Input/Output control interface in 2011 with our first "no-library" Arduino program code developments, test programs for X-Plane UDP protocol, early "stand-alone" code versions for our Baron 58 cockpit.      >>

In the process of building the B58 panel we have decided to develop a universal input/output system based on Arduino and give a simple solution for home cockpit builders to create control interface for their DIY simulators without applying lots of programming and a heap of electronics.

We are Vlad and Roman (father and son). This is our "SimVim" team and we gladly provide information on this website to help home cockpit simulator builders since 2012. All our software is intended to be always non-commercial and should be used for non-commercial purposes.

The main goal of this project is to popularize the exciting hobby of making home cockpits for flight simulation. Being experienced professianals in fields of electronics and programing, we tried to make our own interface easy to start for all newcomers and explain all aspects of the technologies for cockpit building on this website.

We are aiming to constantly update and improve our website and projects to provide you convenient software and information that can help you build your cockpit.


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SimVim interfaces history

SimVimCockpit Interface      >>

This is our newest, easy to use and most advanced control interface that allow you to make everything you need for your home cockpit.

Archived projects

ArdSimX Interface     >>

Precursor of currently used SimVimCockpit Interface. Still can be supported.
  • Configure buttons, switches, encoders, analog axes, rotary switches, LEDs, 7-segment displays, few stepper motors and PWM-gauges without any Arduino programming.
  • Optionally, you can utilize button matrix, encoder port and LED-port in your config to use Arduino pins more effectively.

These projects are no longer supported, all their functionality having been displaced by newer ArdSimX versions.

Note: if you have started to build your cockpit using early XPData or ArdSim, you can easyly switch to the latest interface, even without dismounting your input connections, just reprogram your Arduino and create new configuration files.

ArdSim Interface     (v.1.2 late 2015 to v. 5.4 in 2017)      >>

The predecessor to ArdSimX. Main differences:

  • To configure ArdSim input controls for X-Plane or get data from X-Plane for outputs ArdSim library has a set of functions that you have to use in Arduino code to setup input controls and assign specific action (switch, encoder, LED etc.) for any Arduino pin. .
  • Arduino programming (via use of ArdSim library functions) is required along with the config file creation. Need to familiarize yourself with library functions and X-Plane dataefs/commands

ARDref Library and Plugin     (to July, 2015)      >>

  • The predecessor to ArdSim, "transitional" library. Only worked with Ethernet, used several slave boards
  • Focused on using a plugin with config files instead of Arduino programming.
  • Many of its ideas, such as plugin transmitting initial configuration to Arduino, have been reused later for ArdSimX.

XPData Library for X-Plane data Input/Output     (2014 to 2015)      >>

  • First Arduino library created, the predecessor to ARDref and XPData Input.
  • Used built-in X-Plane UDP communication protocol to send input data to X-Plane.
  • Had 2 different methods of receiving output data from X-Plane - one using built-in X-Plane protocol, and the other getting data from the early versions of ARDref plugin.

XPData Input

An offshot of XPData library utilizing built-in X-Plane communication protocol and used for INPUTS only. No X-Plane plugins required, everything is done in Arduino code, using library functions.

Baron 58 "stand-alone" code developments,     (UDP tests, 2011-2012)      >>

  • The first test code to analize UDP packets from X-Plane, receive UDP packets from X-Plane and send commands to X-Plane.       >>>
  • Early programs for Baron 58 Panel (June 2012). Testing data receiving using X-Plane UDP DATA method only.      >>>
  • Testing of data input-output methods, Arduino code development for encoders, analog inputs, program speed optimisation etc.

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