SimVimCockpit Inputs / Outputs

General Wiring


SimVimCockpit wiring architecture, input/output extensions.


A guide to components that can be used with SimVim Cockpit interface - breakout boards, controllers, integrated circuits, indicators, motors and other electronic components.

Prototyping and Wiring

How to organize your prototyping work space, how to make clean reliable wiring.
Added 05 June

Custom SimVim I/O

SimVim custom functions for varios aircraft systems
Updated - Jan. 2020

Cockpit Controls

Inputs wiring - Switches, Push-Buttons, Rotary Switches, Encoders - how to connect and configure inputs in SimVimCockpit
Last update 11 March

Analog Input Controls

Using angular or linear sensors (analog or digital) for axes control and directly change data values. Resistive, optical, magnetic sensors. Calibration.

Digital Output (On/Off)

Use Direct or Extended digital output for LEDs or other On/Off type outputs for your cockpit (relays, actuators for flags, control signal for ICs, etc.)
Last update 06 March

7-Segment Displays

Use 7-segment indicators with SimVimControl, connecting each 7-segment digit to its own shift register.

LCD Displays

SimVimControl supports direct output to character LCD displays (16x2, 16x4, 40x2 etc.)connected to SimVim bus.

Lighting Control

SimVim Brightness

Assign Brightness control knob for any displays, or use RWM control..

Servo-driven Gauges

Limited-movement servo

Servos are one of the options for creating needle gauges with SimVimControl.
Last updated 05 March

PWM Output Devices

Moving-Coil Gauges, PWM control

Using moving-coil ammeters you can build most of the gauges with limited rotation angle. Also, you can control any other PWM devices

Stepper-driven Gauges

Stepper motors

Stepper motors are a good option for creating quiet and fast needle gauges with either limited or full-circle rotaiton range.

Gauges Calibration

Gauge dials mapping

How to precisely calibrate your pointer gauges in SimVim plugin

Key-matrix Input

Additional slave board used as key matrix, for multiple buttons
Added 05 March

Ethernet connection

Ethernet connection provides fast and reliable communication between SimVim plugin and controller board.

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