All aircraft models that are included in X-Plane by default and all their mods ( including planes that use new XP11 "laminar/../" commands and datarefs ), as well as third-party aircraft using only standard X-Plane commands/datarefs, work with SimVimCockpit as-is. This means that you can simply assign all the necessary parameters in the Configurator and fly.

Note: Laminar C90, MD80, B747 planes still needs some parameters to be converted to "laminar".

Also, the conversion table for some freeware models that use their own custom datarefs can be embedded in SimVimCockpit database, like Aerobask Robin DR401 (you can use it as is).

If you have a plane that uses REP (Reality Expansion Pack), the plugin will automatically adapt all the needed parameters.

Download the latest SimVim "database" file: SimVim.dat

This file is always included in SimVimCockpit plugin archive, but it can be updated frequently, even if the main SimVim plugin has not been updated to a new version. Always replace the older SimVim.dat file in SimVim plugin folder with the latest one.

It includes the parameter list with predefined functions, custom conversion data for some planes included in the "embedded" list, all firmware, name auto-correction list (to replace old parameter names with new ones), etc.

Data conversion files for payware or free custom aicraft models

If some SimVim parameters assigned to systems in your custom/paid aircraft do not work properly and your plane model has its own custom datarefs/commands (some have just a few custom commands, some have a lot of them), you need to have an additional SimVim "data conversion file" for this particular model (simvim_xxx.dat) and place it in the assotiated aicraft folder.

This data file includes only those SimVim named parameters that had to be "remapped" by the plugin to related custom commands (datarefs) provided with this specific model.

How it works: When an aircraft is loading, the plugin looks for replacement data table and remaps all needed standard input/output parameters located in SimVim database into this plane model custom data.

Download: You can download the related data convertion file for some planes in SimVim "Custom Conversion" community section.

NOTE: you don't need to convert all the default parameters to the aircraft custom datarefs, even if the default don't work in your virtual plane - for example, you simply don't see some switches animation or some annunciators, but they work on your hardware panel. This is also related to all SimVim Radio functionality.

Some SimVim systems can be assigned to work with your hardware switches, displays and don't need to be "synchronized" with the virtual panel (that you don't need to see actually), if this does not influence the flight and other systems (chronometer/timer , DME, other radio devices, lighting, common information displays, etc.)

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