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Pilot Side28 May 2022

There are two methods of making bezels for cover panel. You can use the more simplified option where you have just a bezel outer ring with glass, glued to the panel surface. In this case you should have smaller diameter of the instrument cut-outs (70-72mm for 3.125" gauges)

Otherwise, you can make the bezels that are inserted into the cover plate of your panel. In this case you should cut the holes with full 79-80mm diameter.

Here are the cut-out dimensions (in real size, in mm, 140 DPI) for the Cessna172 SimVimX Panel. The template shows the central part of the panel with all correct distances between gauges, not linked with the monitor start coordinates, because you can place the panel as you need on any screen and save the position in the program.

LCD panel sizes

If you build a hardware panel with LCD screen behind the cover panel you may have several options starting from 15" monitor to use for only a few instruments, or use any LCDs form 19 to 30+ inches:

See more notes here

Using the graphical panel background.

The full sized SimVim panels can be used without any covering, on a quite large screen, as in the above example for 27"+ monitor. Full graphical panel has all on-screen controls fully functional (encoders, switches)

The full on-screen panel with all instruments in-place can prevent you from making the real yoke shaft, so you need to decide how to make it on needed hight. Here is an example how you could make it ( the second option is with "fake" foldable shaft):

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