Terms of Use

The SimVimX (or older SimVimCockpit, SimVim) Software is free and provided AS-IS for personal, non-commercial home use only without any warranties, it constantly develops and improves. The plugin protocol were significantly changed several times from version to version and new releases of the interface can have further changes in protocol and configuration.

    It is FORBIDDEN to use the SimVimX software in ANY commercial products:

  • It's not allowed to embed SimVimX (or older ArdSimX, SimVim, SimVimCockpit) to any commercial hardware product and use the SimVimPanel software as part of commercial Panels.
  • It's not allowed to distribute your products with any SimVimX software or keep any of our files on other web resources and include them in the package of any products you sell.

    SimVimX software can be freely downloaded from this website only.

If you want to use the SimVimX software as a simulator interface for the purposes of technical education and creativity in some non-profit institutions and public places (schools, museums, etc), please contact me, I will provide the suitable version for you. When you start using it, please specify all credentials on the webpages displaying your project.


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