Hardware for SimVimPanel

LCD screen example for SimVim instruments, GPS etc.

I've ordered this 7", high-resolution (168 dpi) LCD display in September 2017 for $30 on AliExpress.

It's a thin (2.5mm) display with LED backlight and native resolution of 1024x600 in comparison to the usual 800x480 for LCDs of this size for similarly low price. The controller board includes VGA, HDMI and AV inputs, FPC and LVDC connectors for LCD panels, and it can be powered either from USB connector (5v DC) or from another external power supply.

We plan to use this panel as a platform for developing and testing some radio/navigation instruments to run them on low-power computers, including Raspberry Pi and even Arduino Due.

These radio instruments will be displayed in various combinations:

First tests:

SimVimCockpit 2012 - 202X