How can I set the lighting of Simvimpanel with hardware (potentiometer) the same way it does with the virtual potentiometer of Xplane panel ?

I can't find the parameter in the configurator.
And I would like to synchronize with backlighting of the buttons of my hardware GPS ...

Thanks a lot
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Hi Phil,

Just updated the files on Patreon:

All panel modules have been updated to use the "BRT0_Ctrl" parameter for instrument brightness control (the previously used parameter was deprecated). You can assign it as usual to a SimVimCockpit input to control SimVimPanel instrument brightness. The options for SimVimPanel brightness control will be expanded in the future.

You'll need to re-download your panel module to make use of this brightness control parameter for it.

See this page for more info on lighting.

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Hello Roman,

Exactly what I needed

You really have developped a fantastic tool !

Best regards