I have a RPI 4 dual screen on it, the size of the screen are different from the other. When I start simvm in terminal mode I'm not abble to reduce the size of the windows. So my question does it works with rpi4 dual screen (I.m using b58 rigth an left). and does it work with two terminal ?

thanks for you answer.

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The panel should work fine if the displays are configured as a single wide desktop in the system (so that when used in fullscreen mode, the panel would span both screens), when used with a wide panel module like B58_wide or B58_full.

I'm interested in how well RPi4 with 2 displays will work with SimVimPanel, as it seems like a good option for it, but I don't know yet if there are any difficulties in configuring the screens that way with RPi4 (as a single wide-resolution desktop).

- Roman
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