SimVimCockpit Interface

SimVimCockpit© is a powerful but easy to use control interface for home cockpit simulators that is intended to become a convenient input/output control tool for every home cockpit builder.

It can drastically ease the building process for everyone and save your time, because you don't need any programming/scripting skills and use any complex specific electronic components, it's a "configure-connect-and fly" system.

Hardware Structure

SimVimCockpit wiring architecture, input/output extensions, hardware components that can be used.

How It Works

Read this before start: How SimVimCockpit configuration works.
Updated 10 December

Getting Started

Installation, Connection, initialization.

Development Status

Current development status, plans, changelog.

If you are going to start building your cockpit for the first time you should realize that it could be a very complex and long process.

You need to know much about many aviation-related things, and preferably you should have various technical skills, at least some craftmanship ability and basic experience in wiring and soldering. To reproduce all tech solutions presented here and use SimVimCockpit you should understand all possible risks and carefully learn all aspects of using electric and electronic equipment.

Don't turn it into an "endless" process for yourself, trying to make a "real big bird", select a plane cockpit that you really can build in a couple of months.

Download SimVimCockpit© on our Patreon blog: http://www.patreon.com/simvim

Supported systems: Linux, OS X, Windows

Simplified diagram of SimVimCockpit© system.

What you need to start:

  • One micro-controller board built on Atmega2560 (or Atmega1280) (Arduino or others)
  • One Ethernet module - needed only if you plan to use Ethernet for communication, not USB.
  • Download SimVimCockpit software (plugin) and install it to X-Plane.
  • Upload SimVim firmware from the plugin menu and test communication following the "Getting Started" steps.
  • Then you can connect all input controls and output devices to your controller board and configure every input and output in the SimVim Configuration tool.

  • Note: To extend the number of inputs, use servos, steppers, or Serial LED output you may need to buy some additional components that are listed on the "Components" page and the corresponding wiring info pages.

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