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SimVim Design projects for DIY cockpit builders

This site is created as a project for the flight sim community, focusing on DIY home cockpit simulators. Many aviation enthusiasts (pros or amateurs) will sooner or later want to build their own home cockpit simulator.

This project gives the sim community a simple way to create DIY controls for such projects, using an Arduino-based I/O interface for X-Plane without applying a lot of programming and electronics.

Since the Baron-58 panel project was started (in 2012) the idea to use the well-known open source hardware - Arduino microcontroller platform - has been considered as the main solution. And then after hours of tests with Arduino and X-Plane it became clear that it can be the perfect platform for creating a complex control system for home cockpits.

Baron-58 Home Cockpit

This project is our own full-scale cockpit simulator of twin-engine Beechcraft Baron 58, that proved that Arduino can be easily used with X-Plane, and started all the other projects on our website.

Arduino I/O Interfaces

After successfully applying Arduino to our Baron-58 home cockpit, we've made a goal to create a convenient interface that would allow people with minimal programming knowledge to do the same. All these interfaces include an Arduino library, and most of them include an X-Plane plugin.

I/O Guide

Describing the connection and wiring of many basic input and output devices to Arduino. Helpful before using ArdSim.

SimVim Panel

SimVim Panel is an easy-to-use program providing a set of realistic, fully-functional aircraft instruments to be displayed on a computer that is connected by network to the main computer with X-Plane and ArdSim plugin.

Project History

The predecessor projects to ArdSimX, including ArdSim, ARDref, XPData library, and the Arduino tests with our Baron-58 cockpit that started it all.

Tech Tips

Tech descriptions and practical tips for better understanding of various input and output devices that can be used in a cockpit simulator.

All program products (ArdSimX/ArdSim/XPData, SimVim) are freely distributed on this site for non-commercial home use only.

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