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Background Images Fast Import     


A simple script to save time on the routine of importing background images for modelling reference.

The button for this function is in the 3D View properties menu, under "Background Fast Import" tab. After pressing it, set the operator options:

  • Only cardinal directions - check this to ignore any images without a direction in the filename.
  • Path to folder - select the folder where the images you want to import are located.
  • Scale as Pixels-per-Unit - use this option so that images retain their proportional size (instead of being scaled to the same width). Scales according to the selected measurement units.
  • Scale and opacity - set these commonly used properties for all background images at once.

This function will search the specified folder for all JPG and PNG image files, and load them to blender as 3D View backgrounds.

Images with the words "TOP", "BOTTOM", "FRONT", "BACK", "LEFT", "RIGHT" or "CAMERA" (all case-insensitive) in their file names will automatically be constrained to the respective axis.

Images without these key words will either be ignored (if "Only cardinal directions" is checked) or be loaded for all views.

Tubes and Pipes     


A set of menu options for fast creation of customizable Tube and Pipe objects.
The Tube is designed as a quickly created primitive.
The Pipe is a more customizable object.


  • Tube - creates a simple Tube object. Customizable inner and outer radius, height and mesh resolution. Options to create as either a mesh or an extruded curve. Polygons are automatically optimized with the "create as mesh" option to simplify further mesh editing.

  • Pipe - creates 2 objects, a Pipe cross-section and a path (represented as the Pipe itself), both as customizable curves. Properties similar to those of the Tube can be set on creation. After initial creation the pipe shape can be customized by editing either of these objects in the Edit Mode.

  • Convert to Mesh - while a Pipe or a Tube created as a curve is selected, convert it to mesh, with an option to smooth the rim edges. All polygons are optimized. Only the rim edges are subdivided and rounded with the "Smooth" option, all the other polygons remain intact.

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