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Together with my father we've been working on a Baron-58 home cockpit simulator, and along the way we've developed a project to help other cockpit builders, by allowing easy communication between X-Plane and an Arduino board. The project went through many different stages, starting by using X-Plane's built-it LAN capabilities, and all the way to the latest SimVimX project, that uses a plugin and allows for much more flexibility and configuration simplicity.


SimVimX plugin for easy data exchange between X-Plane and remote computers running SimVimPanel to display working instrument panels, or Arduino-based cockpit controls with RealSimControl.

From the first successful tests with Arduino/X-Plane data exchange Arduino has proved to be the perfect solution for a home cockpit simulator control interface. SimVimX is the most recent project in this Arduino interface series.

SimVim Panel

SimVim Panel is an easy-to-use program providing a set of realistic, fully-functional aircraft instruments to be displayed on a computer that is connected by network to the main computer with X-Plane plugin. The program connects with the simulator automatically.

Currently works with Linux, Windows and Raspberry Pi.

Baron-58 Home Cockpit

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