Hi Vlad,

I have another question. I'm building a Baron B58 Cockpit similar to your B58 project and I don't find the parameter for the seven annunciator led's located in the glareshield or are they directly controlled by the corresponding switches

Is there maybe a complete parameter list for all stuff in the B58 ?

Thank you

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First, what kind of instrument panel are you building?

- Is it completely "hardware" panel with stepper/servo-driven gauges?
- Or, it's a panel with all instruments displayed on LCD monitor?

If it's the second option, you can simply use our full  SimVimPanel for B58, with all working annunciators.

If it's  the first option, we can provide you a "single" panel for 3.5-4" LCD connected to Raspberry.

Else, if you want to make it all-LED annunciator panel, see the [AUTOPILOT] image-map in the configurator for all AP functions and the "Cockpit/Audio" section in the table for 3 Marker LEDs.

Later I can add the "annuciators" image-map.


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Hi Vlad,

thanks for your help.

My cockpit is similar to your B58 project and for the upper panel I have  only the left side made with a 22" LCD.

The right side will be equipped with sefmade GNS530, KX155, transponder and ADF (all with LEDs).

I'm stll searching for the parametes to control the 7 annuncialor in the glareshield.

I found Starter and AFT door, still searching for the other five (GEAR UP, LEFT ALT, RIGHT ALR, PITOT and BRAKES).

In these days there is plenty of time for that.

Stay healthy


Sorry, I thought you are asking about "Annunciator Panel":

So, it's about glareshield warning lights:

- GEAR UP  - open the [Gear/Flaps] (in the image maps)  - find the "Gear deploy  warning" light.

- L/R ALT   - open the "Electric" (in the table) - find the "Gen #1 Off  Bus  Annunciator" (and #2)

- Pitot   - open the "Anti-Ice" (in the table)  - find the "Pitot heat is OFF ( light is On if Pitot  heat is Off!)."

- Brakes  - click the [[Flight Controls]] (image map)  - find the "Parking brake ON"

- Starter - in the [[Ignition/Start]]  - "Starter Engaged"  light (select only "Starter1_Engaged")

- AFT  -   in the "Cockpit"   - find the "Lock_Warn_2"   ("Lock 2 unsafe - Back Entry")

By the way -   you can make the AFT annunciator controlled directly  with the  real switch in the real door
(no need to use digital output).

(also, you can assign this switch as "Lock_Switch_2" to open the virtual door).
("Lock switch 2 (sensor switch for real door in your cockpit)"


P.S.  So, You are using the SimVimPanel (B58), correct?
(version for 22" - https://simvim.com/svpanel_notes.html)?


thank you for your Help. That saves me a lot of time. I will integrate that tomorrow.