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Boeing FMS CDU

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ModuleLast UpdatedOptimal LCD sizeNotes
FMS 11 Feb. 2021
FMS 21 Feb. 2021


SimVimX CDU program includes a set of custom datarefs that provide SimVimPanel a standartized way of displaying FMS data, independant of any aircraft model. By default, the program supports standard X-Plane (ver. >11.30) CDU for all planes that use it, as well as having custom support for Zibo B738.

In case you have a custom aircraft model that has its own FMS datarefs with a different format, our FMS datarefs can be written by an outside program, so they can be filled with the needed data in the appropriate format and still be used with SimVimPanel. Here's the description of how it can be done.

You can use the SimVimX CDU either as part of SimVimPanel with background and working clickable buttons (you can even use a touchscreen for this), or as a screen only, displayed on any small (or large) LCD with a simple cover bezel.

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