Hardware for SimVimPanel

SimVimPanel can be run on basically any old computer with a supported OS, provided that it has a video card compatible with OpenGL 2.0.

You can also run it on any Raspberry Pi mini computer. A Raspberry Pi 3 has enough performance to run any large panel module, and even the first Raspberry Pi model can be used for simple annunciator screens or radio modules.

Read more about using SimVimX Panel on Raspberry Pi here, including how to set up non-standard screen resolutions for it.

Small LCD screen example for SimVim instruments with Raspberry Pi:

I've ordered this 7", high-resolution (168 dpi) LCD display in September 2017 for $30 on AliExpress.

It's a thin (2.5mm) display with LED backlight and native resolution of 1024x600 in comparison to the usual 800x480 for LCDs of this size for similarly low price. The controller board includes VGA, HDMI and AV inputs, FPC and LVDC connectors for LCD panels, and it can be powered either from USB connector (5v DC) or from another external power supply.

If you want to use a full-panel module (pilot+copilot sides), you can use a computer with 2 displays connected to it, configured as a single wide desktop, or a Raspberry Pi 4.

Our panels currently don't have a GPS module implemented - if you want to use an external GPS module, read more here:

How to use 7" LCD screen for GPS in X-Plane 11.

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