SimVimX Custom functions

Here you can see is the list of all specialized SimVimX control functions that are used in many real airplanes, but which are not modelled in X-Plane.

Such functions can be implemented in custom / commercial aircraft models using their own custom set of commands and datarefs.

SimVimX allows you to implement these functionalities for any of your aircraft without need to have them programmed in the particular plane model, with no additional custom datarefs for each plane. All these functions will work just away you configure them for any aircraft model.

Radio Equipment

Here you can see all SimVimX Radio devices that are modelled (or planned to) with all specific functionality in SimVimPanel and for hardware implementation. All devices are fully functional replicas for SimVimPanel and "hardware" device. The universal set of custom SimVimX Com/Nav functions allows to program this radios for any plane model. You do not need it to be simulated on your virtual plane.

Combo Radio Module

You can use these combo radio functions to bulid your custom radio usinig the RealSimControl interface.
Rudder Trim Display, format [L15.5], [R20.0]
A-510 Starter Key (5-position switch that uses only 3 inputs).
Starter Return
Separate Magneto switches - for single-engine planes that have two separate toggle switches for L and R Magnetos
"Brakes_Lock" Brakes Lock Switch (for Parking position). Locks the brakes when you fully depress both toe brakes and turn this switch on.
"AT_MOTOR" Auto/Trottle (motorized output)
"AP_CWS" AP - CWS hold-release button
PWM DC motor Synchroscope - parameteres for rotation and direction
"Gear_Auto_Ext" Automatc Gear Extension ON switch on speed lower than defined.


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